Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Five Good Things

1. FRIDAY. I am sure I have used this one before. It is still a good thing.
2. This has been an unusually good week for writing -- I am actually up on buffer since Monday, and I still have the weekend to write in (and I've been doing more writing on weekends than during the week, in general).
3. I've been making extra half-size portions of the mug-cake recipe, pouring them into microwave-safe plastic containers, and then taking them to work to nuke there. So I can have fresh hot cake at work. :9
4. To offset 3, I actually exercised in my basement tonight, doing both the 8-minute routine (which I have been neglecting for weeks) and using my exercise bike (also neglected, though I've been biking outside when the weather is nice. Which it is not tonight. Cold and rainy.)
5. I walked to and from work today for the first time since I injured my leg last Tuesday. My calf is still swollen and bruised but it hardly hurts when I walk any more, so that went fine. Yay!
Tags: exercise, three good things
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