Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Yay, It's Monday

I think I got up too early this morning. I'm tired. And now I've eaten lunch, which will doubtless make me more tired. But it gives me an excuse to use my "tired" icon, so it's not all bad.

I may have to go buy an overpriced Diet Coke from the vending machine downstairs to keep going through the last half of the day. Well, 2.5 hours, rather. I guess that's not that long.

I've been rather unfocused on work today, but at least (a) there is plenty of it to do and (b) I am not stressing out over it. Eh, it's only work. It'll still be here tomorrow if I don't do it today.

Of course, some things that should have been done last Friday or Thursday have now been shuffled on to my "to do sometime before I retire" stack, which is a subpar response. That's the trouble with putting something off: after I've done it once, it's easier and easier to keep postponing it. There's an email in my inbox from last August. My boss needs to get me some information before I can do anything with it. She's said she would a few times, but nothing's come of it. I should just give up and move it out of my inbox.

But the two recent tasks aren't as bad as that. They're just complex "why did this happen" questions from customers who don't want to do things in the usual manner. It's my job to deal with customers who have bizarre and difficult problems. I wasn't hired for this job, mind you. In theory, loan officers are supposed to deal with the problems of their customers. However, I happen to be very good at figuring out why things happen the way they did, and then explaining them. Remember, the punishment for doing something well is always more of it to do.

I don't mind so much with the customers who are polite and easy to deal with. One builder regularly calls me directly with any questions he has on his various loans, and I like talking to him because he actually knows what he's doing. It's the ones who stubbornly cling to their misconceptions that really get to me. With one woman last year, I explained in exquisite, excrutiating detail the exact reason for every so-called discrepancy on her loan. Her repeated response was "Well, I don't know about all that. I just think it's wrong." What am I supposed to say to that? (She refinanced with another bank. Thank heavens. Let them deal with her from now on.)

Back to work for me.

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