Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


aminita has been painting intricate designs on her fingernails lately, and talking to her about it this weekend made me decide on Sunday, "I'll just get out my fingernail-buffer and make my own nails smooth and shiny with it." Then after I did that, I thought, "Well, I could put polish on them too. I still have some."

And afterwards Aminita linked me to a video of someone doing an intricate design. I thought, "Well, that looks really hard to do left-handed using fingernail polish, but I do have some white polish that will contrast well with the black-glitter polish I already put on ... "

So basically, scope creep all the way. The right hand (which I had to do left-handed) is the same basic design but perceptibly sloppier, and it's not particularly well-done on either. But hey! Fingernail polish! I haven't painted my nails in many years, and never tried to put a design on them before. Kinda fun. :)

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