Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Good things

1. I repainted my nails, in a starscape kind of pattern. I followed aminita's advice of using acrylic paints and covering the design with clear nail polish. The one problem: my clear nail polish has thickened too much over the years and needs to be replaced. So the design is probably not going to last the day. Still, learning experience and it was fun to do.
2. I type a great deal on my phone, which means a lot of time spent looking at my thumbs. Having a pretty design on them is nice.
3. ZOMG flying to Seattle tonight going to see terrycloth yay! It's been ages. I need to see if any of my other Seattle-area friends want to see me while I'm out there.
4. I have finally figured out how to play Puerto Rico without losing horribly. Not that I am great at the game, but I am no longer actively incompetent. :)
Tags: 3 good things, life

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