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I biked to the bike trail and several miles along it today. I am not sure exactly how far, because my exercise app paused at some point during the ride and missed a few miles. 17-20 so far, and another 8 or so to get home. A nice ride. A few weeks ago I did a 40 mile ride which was pretty grueling towards the end of the trail portion, in large part because I ran out of water about 8 miles from the nearest spot on the trail to get more. x_x This time I brought 64 ounces (courtesy of Telnar, who after listening to me whinge about the lack of water because I was on the phone with him during the last ride, had Amazon send me a nice new 32 oz bottle so I'd be able to carry more without stopping.) This is continuing in the "I guess I'll go for a 25 mile bike ride because I can't play with dragons" vein. -_-

I'm at Panera now, sitting in one of the two comfy chairs in the corner near the door. I usually get a meal and a frozen mocha here, then do some writing. I ate my meal -- even the apple! which often gets fed to Lut when I get home instead of me eating it -- but I seem to be unmotivated to write fiction. So I have written this little diary bit to get me started typing instead. I'll take a stab at working on book now.
Tags: diary, exercise, life
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