Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Oh Hey Goals

I have been super unmotivated to do anything at all today (even playing games is meh). I've been browsing through my journal archives instead of doing anything remotely useful, which reminded me that it's been a few months since my last status report on my 2013 goals. Let's do that! It's pretty easy.

Keep score

I've been keeping up on this! Amazingly. Although I do have to reconstruct the score for my journal entries regularly (I forget to count them), I've been tallying the score for A Rational Arrangement every few days.

Score 30,000 Points

As with my last update, I am lagging on this one. I'm at 15,753 points so far for the year, averaging just over 71 points a day. I am almost 2500 points behind. At this rate I will miss goal by 4000 points!

Or I will finish A Rational Arrangement and get a 20,000 point completion bonus for goal-crushing victory. WHICH WILL IT BE?

I am on track to finish A Rational Arrangement this year. I think it's more than halfway through. At 108,000 words. x_x Someday I am going to write a story that falls between 60 and 100k and then I am going to pass out from sheer amazement. Maybe I will try not serializing my next effort. Perhaps that would help. ANYWAY, I won't know for sure that I'm going to finish it until I actually, y'know. Do.

Write more fiction

Goal was "at least 2/3rds of points from fiction". About 3/4ths of my writing for the year has been A Rational Arrangement. I am well over the two-thirds mark, even without the big completion bonuses.

Post the occasional update
Look, an update! This is my second for the year. Perhaps I will even do four total as originally planned.
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