Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Quiet day

My, but it's quiet.

Lut's not feeling well and has been taking a nap for the last couple of hours. Following the general theme of “Why do something productive and important when I could do something of almost no priority whatsoever”, I've been working on my “Hope” mini-comic. This is a story I scripted, oh, nine years ago, at least. Seven or so years ago, I illustrated it. It's a five page comic. I illustrated it by hand in a sketchbook, then shaded the first two pages in greyscale on the computer. At my request, GW dug up the two greyscale pages -- apparently that's all I ever shaded -- and scanned them in for me.

I still had the original art for the other three pages.

My original intention in doing this illustrated story was for potential publication in a comic book, or as a comic book. But I've long since given up that ambition. First off, I illustrated it with furry characters. I like furry characters and furry stories, but, as it happens, the story has nothing to do with “furriness”. The characters all look vaguely feline because I happen to be marginally better at drawing B&W furries than B&W humans.

Second, I am a middling artist at best, and I work very slowly. I could write the story as a novel much faster and it would be more marketable. Doing it as a comic doesn't make sense.

I did like the first chapter, well, just a little bit better as a comic than as a prose work. But it's not a good comic, either, and it's a dead-end. I'm never going to do this as a graphic novel. Way too much worse.

So, naturally, I've spent about three and a half hours today scanning in the last three pages, reformatting them (they're too big for my scanner), shading bits of them, and generally, well, wasting time on this project for no good reason at all. Except that it's not any of those other, higher priority, projects that I should be spending time on. Which I guess is all the reason I needed.

They're not done, of course. I dunno if I'll polish them up enough to show off or not. Even though the art's already done, I could spend easily several more hours shading them. Why does art have to be so hard? And time-consuming?

I did remember the dream I had last night -- quite clearly, actually. But it was more nightmare than dream, and too personal to post the whole thing. I may edit it down and post the less personal parts. I wrote the whole thing down, just in the name of logging dreams.

My cats have abandoned my lap now. I'll put some music on and get some fresh Diet Coke, and then ... probably go back to wasting my time on the mini-comic. Maybe I'll do something vaguely productive ... later.

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