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Flight Rising bios

Flight Rising has an "information" space on each dragon. Being the sort of person who can't leave that sort of thing blank, I put little bios into the space -- always notes on what lair a dragon came from (because the system tracks parents but the parents can be exalted or leave their original lair, so that data is not kept otherwise) -- and usually a few other character bits.

There's a glitch that occasionally eats the description. I think, having seen it happen a few times today, it only happens when you go to the dragon's page, edit the description, save it, and then bond with the dragon's familiar. But i'm not sure, so I decided to extract the descriptions and I'm posting them here for safekeeping.

I was fostered from Alinsa's lair and into Rowyn's when I was a hatchling, in exchange for DelaRenta. We were the prettiest hatchlings of our clutches, and I was Cloudkeeper's first fosterling.

I'm one of the clan's warriors; sometimes it's a little strange to be channeling lightning in service to Windsinger, but the monsters are friend to no dragon. I know my parents are proud of me, too.

I was born to Rowyn's lair. Smokelove, my father, has never liked having me here, a fate I share with my elder half-brother, Stormson. I don't let his disapproval bother me, but I did leave the lair for a time. I earned groom-price for the lair and went to Terranova's, where I mated with Dyr and sired three children. My mate and two of our children have gone to serve Plaguebringer since then. When I saw Rowyn again, I was at the auction house again, for a lower groom-price than I'd left for.

"Confidence! What are you doing here?"

"No room for me at the new lair, I'm afraid."

"How are you? You all right?"

"Oh, certainly."

She looked hard at me. "When did you last eat?"

"I don't know. Yesterday sometime? It's fine, m'lady, I get enough."

She snorted. "Do you want to come home, Confidence? I've missed you."

"... yes."

So I came home, to the loving embrace of my mother and half-brother, and the snorting glower of my father. One cannot have everything, I suppose.

When I was born, my father was a nameless wildclaw in Odo's lair. He has since moved to Gairuki's lair, where he was allowed a name: Karandras. I am so glad he is not with Odo any more. Is that a terrible thing to say?

Rowyn paid bride-price for me when I was a hatchling, and this lair let me have a name right away, as if a name was a right and not something you did not deserve. Rowyn introduced me to Fabulous, whom I adore -- he's so goofy and yet sweet!

I am training to be a warrior, and am part of a team with Firelight and Lord Nikola.

When I was hatched, Kijji took one look at me and said "You should be with Rowyn!" and instantly gave me away! Cloudkeeper was a very good foster mother.

I'm looking forward to doing some fighting for the lair and helping to clear space. Rowyn always said I'd have kids some day, though she shook her head and muttered to herself when she said it.

But then I met Charm! And now I have a handsome son and beautiful daughter who look -- really not much like me or Charm, although they have dark wings like us. I am proud of them, of course, but I hope someday to have hatchlings that look like their beautiful mother.

I was a foundling egg. I don't know if my parents didn't want me, or if I was stolen from their nest by some small person seeking revenge for imagined wrongs, or if some tragedy befell them, or something else. The clan that hatched me did not want me either; they were indifferent to the fate of themselves and their own children, never mind a foundling. They left me at the auction house nameless, to be sold or not, it made no difference.

I am grateful to Lady Rowyn for paying my groom-price and taking me to this place of open skies and dragons who care for each other and their surroundings, who hunt and eat regularly. It is a good life.

I am Cloudkeeper: for three-quarters of a century I wandered the skies, going wherever I pleased and doing whatever I liked, exploring every new horizon.

There are, I daresay, still new horizons left to explore, but my small person friend, Lady Rowyn convinced me to explore holding territory and being part of a clan instead. Which I was not too sure about until I met Smokelove.

Now I am glad that I did it. I enjoy the clan so far, though it is ... not more difficult that I realized. Say rather that the ways in which it is difficult are not what I expected.

I make Lady Rowyn do all the business of tending the nests and sorting the hoard and most of the amassing of treasure. It was her idea, after all, and there's no reason a dragon should do all that. Isn't that what small people are for?

I was born to Twizz's lair, the rare Wildclaw daughter of a guardian/wildclaw pairing.

I adore Lord Nikola. I hope he chooses me when he's ready for a mate. Everyone says "of course he will!" but I am nervous anyway. And jealous of Charm, because she was paired to fight beside him, not I. Is that wrong of me?

Lord Nikola
I was so young when I came from Kerru's lair that I no longer remember it. Cloudkeeper raised me alongside the children of her lair. I remember playing with Snowday and Fabulous when I was growing up.

I am no more a Lord than Rowyn is a Lady, which I daresay makes the titles as apt as any. What is nobility, if not a shared delusion? Sometimes I fear Cloudkeeper is grooming me to be her successor; it is not a job I want. But there is unease in the lair at times, with so many dragons now. It's harder to expand than it was in the early days, and some of the younger, newer dragons grumble at their elders. Stormlove, the other progenitor, does not support Cloudkeeper in most of her decisions. Everyone yet follows Cloudkeeper's will, from respect or love, but I dread the day when her word is not enough.

My nickname growing up was Velvet. Yes, you may pet me.

Lady Rowyn paid groomprice to Kiena for me, that I might be mated to Daysparkle. Kiena's lair was much smaller and more orderly than this one. Here it seems there are always children underfoot, playing and shrieking, and their best fighters are not half so good as my own parents, strong fast warriors feared by all monsters.

This is my home now, but I do not belong.

I was one of four pearlcatchers born to Anher's lair. Lady Rowyn paid bride-price to bring me here.

Everyone expects me to mate with Raven, because he's the only other pearlcatcher in the lair, but I am not sure he likes me. I keep sneaking off to look at the pearlcatchers who are still seeking a mate, just to see ... their hope.

I came from Kamalia's lair as a hatchling. Rowyn paid groom-price for me as a mate to Snowday, the most beautiful fae dragon in the world. I was so little then that Rowyn could carry me in her arms, and she did, cooing all the way. I think she really wanted a tundra male with clown coloring.

I came from Djinni's nest, traded for Goldpiece. Djinni named me before I left which is why I have the BEST NAME. Fabulous is my best friend in the lair (don't tell Charm! She gets jealous sometimes); we've been playmates since we were tiny hatchlings. But I love Coolbreeze too!

LadyRowyn paid bride-price for me when I was just a teeny hatchling. (Though compared to everyone else in the lair, I've hardly grown!)

I adore Stormson. Maybe because I'm vain and he has the same colors I do, but I think mostly because he's sweet and gentle. Except if you threaten the lair. Then he will TEAR YOU THE HELL TO PIECES.

He gave me my pet wolf, Lini, too. I used to be scared of her but now I ride her around the lair like a princess in a palanquin. She's a sweetie. I love being tiny.

Can you fight for something that was given to you freely? I've always had a place in Lady Rowyn's lair; my mother Cloudkeeper made sure of that. But I have earned that place as well, with tooth and claw, wind and blood.

My beloved is Rose, the first dragon not my kin to have faith in me.

Most of my siblings and half-siblings have moved on to other lairs or joined Windsinger's service, but my half-brother Confidence returned to us, which pleases me for reasons beyond counting.

(More of Stormson's story is here.)

I'm a travelin' dragon! I was born to Djinni's lair and spent some time with Ninetailed before I landed here. There's some guy dragons around here I like -- Hunter & Smokelove especially. Everyone says Smokelove is a grouch but don't you believe it. He was a great dad to our hatchlings.

Also, check out my hat. I love hats.

I remember the first time I saw Cloudkeeper, how entranced I was by her laughter and ease. She was with her small person, Rowyn, and they were creating a lair. Neither of them had ever built a nest to last more than three days, or warded a land to keep monsters from invading. They were having the best time ever trying, though. Whenever something went wrong, Cloudkeeper would laugh and look through her resources and try something different.

She welcomed me, perhaps because I knew how to fashion a lair and hunt its grounds, or perhaps because I loved her -- but I think mostly because Cloudkeeper does not know how to be anything less than welcoming.

She wanted to build a place where dragons would be happy.

I wanted a rich and prosperous lair.

We had two children together, DelaRenta and Stormson, and fell out after their hatching. We do not agree, Cloudkeeper and I. But I love her still.

I came from MicahJaguar's clan the day I was born! All of my clutch-siblings were lovely but Lady Rowyn said I was the prettiest. I'm not sure why that matters.

I met Seatouch down by the ocean while I was playing with my pet seal. Seatouch says he took his name from mine, which is awfully sweet. I'm glad he's here!

Lady Rowyn paid groom-price to bring me here from the lair of Warrior James. My birth lair is one of the oldest and my father is one of the progenitor. Despite that, he has had few children ... I think he was embarrassed by his birth-colors, for he had them altered with a scatterscroll before I was born.

I hope to bring honor to my parents and my new lair by serving well.

I was born to LadyRowyn's lair. I have a mate here and it is not that I dislike this life, but I do not want to be here always. I'm a daughter of Wind. I'd like to travel.


I came from Hope's lair after Cloudkeeper's small person paid groom-price for me. I loved the flight here, with a dozen zephyr-spirits escorting and singing to us as we soared.

Cloudkeeper gave me a Naga for a friend and to take care of, 'cause she says every dragon should have a small-person friend.

I came from Anke's lair because Rowyn didn't have any green dragons and she wanted one. ALL the dragons are green where I'm from!

I was born to AlphaRaposa's lair, and traded to this one for Varsovienne. (She lives with Anher now).

I'm a support mage! I like helping my friends in battle, and I'm training to be a healer. It's trickier than I realized; Waterwillow says that's because I don't have Hunter to help her the way she did. But as little as I am, my magic is nonetheless as potent as any dragon's.

My clutchmates were traded away but Rowyn said I ought to stay because I was too pretty to leave. Hee!

My grandfather is Smokelove, one of the lair progenitors. I'm the only grandchild of his to stay with the lair. He pretends to be all gruff and tough around the others of the lair but he's a big softie when he doesn't think anyone's looking.

I came here from Anher's nest! I was traded for one of Stormson's get, a pale little girl. Big compared to me! Everyone is big compared to me. They gave me a flower-owl for company! I take good care of him.

I am from Alinsa's lair, traded for one of Stormson's get. I am a grandmother now, and very proud of my daughter Whimsy.

I came to LadyRowyn's clan through the auction house, when there was no room left in my birth lair to raise more hatchlings. It was a fine lair but it's nice to have room again! I'm the lair's physician now and I help keep the slopes free of monsters. Mostly I work with Stormson and Hunter; we make a good team, the three of us.

I love being a mom. One of my babies, Confidence, left the lair for a time but he's come back now! It's so nice having a grown son around. I make him babysit his little brothers and sisters sometimes.

I was going to be exalted to Fire! But AlphaRaposa traded me for one of Cloudkeeper and Goldrush's hatchlings, a little girl who looked a lot like her dad.

I went back to visit my old lair once, to make a nest with Feldspar and have three children.

I was born to Octantis's lair, but there wasn't much going on there so my parents let me emigrate to Cloudkeeper's. I am very proud of my first clutch, Mist and Skywing, brave fighters who've earned a place in Windsong's service.

I am ... not so happy about what became of my second clutch. It is a hard world to bring new life into.

I came to this lair from Archadia's, as a trade for one of Skytouch's get.

Some people said that made Skytouch too old for me, but I don't agree, and neither does he!

I was born to Yinkin's lair. Rowyn paid groom-price for me at the auction house when I was still young, so that I might be mated to IndigoRain.

I'm fond of Indigo still, but we don't suit as mates. I am not the sort of drake to belong to just one dragoness.

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