Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Flight Rising -- Imperial Hatchlings

This is not only about Flight Rising, but it's not even cute story bits. So cut-tag!

My Imperial, LordNikola will be breeding with my Wildclaw, Sunburst, on the 20th, so the clutch will hatch on the 25th, ten days from now. (Because I am too cheap to pay for a boon of fertility even on this.) The hatchlings will have maize or white wings, probably speckle & freckle genes like their dad (their mom is iridescent & shimmer, but genes seem way more likely to go to the cheaper ones in any given pairing), and be Imperials like their dad. Primary color has a huge possible range: purples/blues/greens/yellows.

I expect to be offering them when they grow up for 300-400k on the auction house (depending what exact prices look like then). That would be October 1st.

I am posting this because I plan to offer them to friends prior to that for 250,000 treasure or 2,500 gems. And I am posting this waaaaaay in advance, in case anyone needs time to save up. I'm not planning to take reserves (I don't need the treasure and I want the option of having first pick myself if I love one, and not having to worry about refunds if I end up with a single freckled speckled wildclaw in swamp/maize.)
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