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Last night I felt very domestic. I spent most of the evening cleaning, and did a decent-ish job on the living room and the bedroom. Usually I start with the kitchen, work my way through the living room, then on to the bedroom, by which time I'm too sick of cleaning even to consider tackling the perpetually revolting den. I skipped the kitchen this time, partly because it's in better shape than the rest of the apartment, and partly because Lut's more likely to clean the kitchen than any other room. (Those two facts are not unrelated.)

Then, once I finished with the bedroom, I made brownies for the "food day" today. I need to start making sugar cookies instead: two other people brought in brownies and one other brought a chocolate cake. We've also got two sets of chocolate chip cookies.

I don't like the brownie recipe I used, either. Anyone got any favorite dessert recipes to share? The trouble with making something more complicated is that I like to keep the ingredients for everything I make on hand, and in a form that won't spoil. Eggs are a problem. Do eggs come powdered? Eggbeaters last a while as long as you don't open the container, but I'm not likely to use the whole carton in one week. I couldn't make sugar cookies because I'd've had to go to the store for cream cheese. That's to make the kind of sugar cookies I like, anyway.

Probably didn't help that I overbaked the brownies, either, but they came out edible. Not that anyone's going to eat them, anyway, with all the other food to choose from.

By the time I was done baking it was about bedtime. I puttered around on the computer a little, looking at emails on the "Trust Me" campaign. Gen sent in her character sheet: my first PC! Whoo! But brennabat is going to be moving again and will be offline for around a week at some random point in the near future. Bleah.

I kept waking up early this morning, from various uninteresting dreams, including one where I thought Lut was giving me a ride to work (this was very disorienting when I finally woke up for real, as I'd dreamed I was running late, and here we both are still in bed -- oh, but wait, I've got another hour left after all). And another that involved a former co-worker I'm fond of, one who retired years ago, before Baby Bank became Toddler. Something about her and this new guy that didn't like her, thought she was making me unproductive or something. I didn't like him. And other odd bits. I remember lying half-awake and half-dreaming, being annoyed at something trivial that had been said to me in conversation several days prior. Strange morning.

I was still tired when I got up. I'm still tired now, for that matter. I've had tons of food, junk and otherwise, to eat today, and lots of Diet Coke, but I'm not pepping up at all. No sugar rush for me. Sugar crash, maybe. I can't remember if I took a vitamin today or not.

I really want to go home and go back to bed. I should do some writing tonight. Mother, if I clean the den, may I be let off from writing? How about going to the grocery store -- do I still have to do that?

I really am tired. Sometimes I miss being able to ask someone else for permission not to do things. It was a lot easier to talk my mother into thinking I was sick and shouldn't have to go to school than it ever has been to convince myself.

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