Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Domestic ... er ... bliss?

I did yet more cleaning last night, including dusting and vacuuming the den. My place is still a pit by Mrs. Cleaver standards, but it's a lot closer to my own fairly lax ones. The kitchen and bathrooms could certainly use a scrubbing, and I wish we had a place for all the junk that's accumulated in the den. And the closets are suffering from the jammed-with-junk phenomenon traditional to me, whereever I may live.

Still, I've lived in much worse. Much worse. Lut and I are pretty lax about cleaning, but neither one of us are inclined to sloppiness -- by which I mean, the habit of never, ever, putting anything where it belongs. I've lived with people like that. I don't enjoy it.

I will probably pass on doing any more cleaning tonight, in favor of trying to get some writing done. Wish me luck.
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