Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

My muse kicked on last night, giving me an entire scene for Prophecy while I was taking a bath. Naturally, it's not a scene that fits neatly into the outline anywhere, and it's yet more character development for the single most developed character in the book. But, hey, a scene is a scene. By the time I was done writing it out, I had less than a hundred words to go to complete my quota for the week. So I stuffed some description into another scene to finish up. Now, anything I write today or tomorrow will be extra. Which I'd still better do. But it's nice to have the minimum out of the way.

I forgot to take a look at the lunar eclipse last night. Rats! Shockwave had mentioned it in his journal, and I'd meant to at least take a peek, but I totally spaced it. I even got an email from level_head noting when it was at its peak (later than I'd thought!) but I was already in bed by then. Ah well. No use lamenting it now. (sigh.)

I woke up at 3AM from a dream. I remember that it was kind of interesting but that I was too tired even to grab my noteook off the headboard and write down what I remembered. Sometimes I'll burn dreams into my conscious memory just by replaying them enough times, but not this time. I can't remember a thing. Well, except that one of my cats made a mess on the carpet in it. Somehow, I'm sure that wasn't the highlight. Why do I remember that?

Here I sit, yawning, with ten more minutes to go before I make my final go-to-work preparations and leave, and I can't think of anything else to write. Huh. Guess I'll go read the WSJ.

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