Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Crackling Dragons

This is unlikely to be of interest to anyone but FlightRising players, but for the curious --

Flight Rising added a new gene (read: modification to your dragon's appearance) last week. I finally got a copy of it and previewed it on all of my dragons. Behind the cut is previews of it on all of the dragons that it didn't look completely hideous on. This is fewer than I expected. I would have done "dragons it's actually an improvement on" if there were more than, like, four of those. Out of my 80+ dragons.


I was surprised that even many of the dragons with tertiary colors that I generally would consider complimentary still don't look good in crackle.

From an investment standpoint, I ought to put it on one of the wildclaws (the T-Rex-looking ones) or imperials (the ones with mostly-straight antlers).

From an aesthetic standpoint, I like it best on the two throwaway faes with dark base colors and red or orange crackling. -_- The blue wildclaw with the black crackling looks pretty good. Though anyone I give it to will need a new mate because none of the ones that look decent with it have mates with well-suited tertiaries. And then their current mate will need a new mate. Gah. Maybe I should mark it up and re-sell it.

In the meantime: if any of my FlightRising friends would like to borrow the scroll to preview it on their dragons, lemme know.
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