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I'm at lunch now, and just remembered: I can copy/paste on my phone! I could write a meaningless short entry about my day and paste it into LJ without fear that it will be devoured by a glitch! You may learn to rue the day.

My day so far has been cold. It started out chilly inside my house because I got up before the heater kicked on for the morning. Then moved to bitterly cold on the walk to work. My cloak + coat combination did its job while I was walking through the neighborhood, but along the highway the wind blew unabated. The outdoors temperature according to the bank thermometer was -9.

It is not that cold indoors, but it's not warm, either. The bank was built in the sixties and its exterior walls are all floor-to-ceiling single-pane glass windows. It's asthetically pleasing but not well-insulated. I have spent today wearing two sweaters over my turtleneck, my cloak in my lap over my blanket, and my giant scarf over my head and around my neck. And the space heater running.

And I'm still cold.

I normally eat lunch at my desk, but today I went into the conference room that gets direct sunlight, and sat by the window in full sun. For twenty minutes, I was warm. I even took the scarf off! (Not the sweaters, though. Let's not go crazy.)

Now I am back to shivering at my desk. The part I hate most about being cold is that my shoulders and neck ache from instinctively hunching in an effort to conserve warmth. Ugh.

Since it's the first day after I set them, I am being all serious about my goals. I did a little bit of thinking & world-building on the Eve & Fox romance novel concept. I am studiously entering what I eat as I eat it. The app I downloaded is nosy, and it picked out a target calorie count for me. I haven't exceeded it yet! Pretty sure I will after dinner, though. (I didn't ask your advice, app! I'm not supposed to start trying to lose weight until *next* month). And I am blogging more. Right now, for example. The only goal I am neglecting is "edit RA". Editing on my smartphone is not fun. I do so much writing on it that I may need to learn to if I want it to happen. 25 days left in January to figure that out, however.
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