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Track All the Things

I've been jotting down notes about my January goals while using the exercise bike. I will upload them here, because LJ is where I store all the random factoids about my life.

Day 3 of Track All the Things, and I have been dutifully tracking exercise and eating habits. So far, this has definitely resulted in my eating less. Of course, it combined its powers with me stepping on the scales and discovering I am 168 pounds, five pounds over my all-time high as of 2013. That knowledge has deterred me from eating pie after dinner the last two nights. And I skipped the dressing with my lunch today, to save another 100 calories for something I enjoy more.

Lut's suggestion/threat that the exercise bike be moved upstairs induced me to buy more batteries this weekend, and I am peddling away on it as I type. After I finish writing this, I am going to write some editing-type plans for A Rational Arrangement.

Although I feel like I am using up all my willpower way too early in the year and ought to slack off now, before I burn out and refuse to do anything else this year. "Fail now! Before it's TOO LATE!"

Except that I don't feel particularly like I am exerting a great deal of effort or restraint yet. The exercise bike is probably less work than dancing in my living room, because I fling my arms around when I dance instead of typing away at my Perpetual Distraction Device. Android, take me away! This is way less boring and repetitive.

Day 4 and still being a Good Girl. Oh, I remember what I wanted to write about. [I went off to write about it].

Day 11:

I have continued my streak of tracking food and exercise dutifully every day. Even on the weekends, when in previous diet-type events I would give myself a break. Of course, I am technically not dieting. I am tracking.

It has pretty much the same effect on my behavior. I exercised Monday through Friday last week, and kept within a few hundred calories of the goals my tracking app decided to set for me. (You're not the boss of me, app!) On Saturday and Sunday, koogrr visited and we ate out for every meal. Koogrr was unfortunately sick, which was exceptionally sad because the weather was great. If he'd been feeling well, we'd've done some jogging together, but instead the only exercise we got was a bit of walking around the Plaza.

So Saturday & Sunday I was eating around 2400 calories a day. Which, if you're curious, is nearly twice the goal my app set for me. In exercise or writing, double my goal is fine, but in calories consumed, not so much. Amazingly, it is still less than I would have eaten had I not been tracking. We spent a couple of hours each day at Panera, and I know I would have eaten a pastry of some kind had I not been cringing at an app that showed me at 1500+ calories by lunchtime. (Those 570 calorie frozen mochas really goose the numbers up.)

Monday and Tuesday were close to normal consumption-wise, but I didn't exercise either day because I wasn't feeling well. So my net was still bad on both days. Wednesday I was back on the bandwagon, and am sticking with it today. Even though I'd rather be playing with dragons, since Flight Rising finally came back up today and I have eight eggs to hatch. Which means clearing seven spaces in my once-again-stuffed lair.Y'know, I had like twenty spaces free just a couple of weeks ago ... 9.9

Other things:

I have not been doing much with my Activity log: I need to go update it. I feel like I have been "hardly writing" because all the writing I've been doing is world-building: either backfilling gaps for RA, or working on the setting for the new romance I want to write. Typing that, I thought "I need a better name for this than 'the new romance' or 'Eve and the Fox'." So I sat thinking about it for sixty seconds and hit upon the perfectly obvious: "Priceless". I am sure there are fifty other books by this name, but I'm not sure I care. As a working title, it's good.

Failure at writing aside, however, I have done lots of drawing and marker-work while Koogrr was visiting, so I have been not skipped out on all creative activities. On a minutes-per basis, I'm pretty sure I'm good.

If you're reading this, you have probably already noticed an uptick in journal posts. Um. What else did I say I'd work at this year? I forget.

Oh, I am supposed to figure out how to track my editing progress. Don't know yet. Maybe I should ask a professional or two. Do you have any suggestions on that, haikujaguar? Do you just sweep through the book from beginning to end and so it's just how many pages you've gone through?

Day 12:

I am on my exercise bike again, wearily peddling away. And distracting myself by typing on my phone. If I have time left over after typing this, perhaps I will peck at a little writing.

I have done pretty well on eating today, but I got a ride to work instead of walking so that was a minor bad. It is more than offset by the 30 minutes of stationary bike I'm putting in now. However, today as a whole is going to be on the bad side because Lut announced that he'd gotten a Domino's coupon today, which means I'm going to order one of their delicious, delicious pasta-in-a-bread bowl dishes. (I know, pasta in a bread bowl? Sounds unpromising if not redundant. But their bread bowls are terrific, like a cross between all that is best in pizza crust and bread.) It is, I am sure, soaked in butter or lard or something and has two thousand calories, but I've been good for the last few days and it's the weekend. And also darnit I am not dieting this month! That is next month! Self, stop getting ahead of yourself.

... I have totally tricked myself into a regime of controlled diet and regular exercise, haven't I? DANGIT SELF.

Other than diet and exercise, the closest thing to productive I have done so far is post the day's Rational Arrangement installment for the beta readers, and think about my character for the Hatchling game that terrana is running. So I guess I'll go do ten minutes of fiction in my remaining time on the exercise bike.

Day 13:

I had a date scheduled for today, but she had to cancel and so now I'm dealing with the administrivia of my life as a temporary break from gaming. On the bright side, this probably means I won't eat 2400 calories today at restaurants and movie theaters and whatnot. Possibly I will do some writing or drawing. I am somewhat motivated to draw my character for Terrana's Hatchling game. First I think I'll update my activity log.

Okay, I'm all caught up on that now. The good news is, I'm averaging 134 points a day. That's better than my average for 2013! Even including the gigantic I-finished-RA bonus!

The bad news: That's about 65% from art and 25% from blogging. Almost none of it is from working on fiction. And I'm still not motivated to write. Ah well.

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