Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The Road

I've been waking up able to remember more of my dreams lately. I stopped recording dreams because for the most part I don't find the record of them interesting later, but there was one bit of a dream I had on Sunday night that I thought was neat.

In this dream I had a mobile Internet device similar to Google Glass, and an app for it called "The Road". The Road was a game where you scored points for visiting specific real-world locations. When you started it up, it'd show a heads-up display of how to get to the next location, MMO-style, by laying virtual white bars over the ground that formed a path for you to follow and telling you how far away it was. At the early levels, it gave you places near where you happened to be when you launched it. Eventually, it'd give you places farther away. The locations weren't arbitrary; there'd be something interesting to see or do when you got there, like a park or a museum. Gamification of tourism.

The whole concept seems so obvious now that I'm wondering if I actually heard of an app like this somewhere and forgot about it except for the subconscious impression.

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