Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Track All the Things, Part Something or Other

1/30/2014, Day Whatever:

Day 26? I dunno.

I've been very good about tracking food & exercise. I have been keeping calories at a fairly reasonable level and exercising 5 days a week. Despite promising myself every day this week that yes, this evening I will let myself skip exercise. Nope. On the exercise bike AGAIN. Maybe tomorrow night, self.

My weight is at 166, like it has been for the last two weeks. Yay. At least I'm not gaining? It looks like February should include some kind of weight loss plan. I don't really want to do more than I am.

Oh hey, but in February the woman who's been giving me a ride home from work is retiring. So I will be walking home from work again. That's like 75 more calories burned per day! Maybe that will be enough to get me down to 165 lbs by the end of February.

For tracking anything else: abysmal. I haven't updated my tracking log in 12 days. I feel like I have done NOTHING this month. Which is a total lie: I added on to a scene in A Rational Arrangement and got at least two/thirds of the way through the world history I wanted to put together. Including solving some "how did that work?" problems that I had with the history as I'd been picturing it. I don't know that the impact on the story will be noticeable to anyone but me, but I am still glad to have it.

Anyway, it is increasingly clear to me that if I don't find a way to measure this "editing" business, I am *never* going to get it done.

I have a list of changes I want to make to the manuscript. I am going to give myself a time estimate of how long I think it will take to make them. Which will be total BS, but will be what I use to determine points to award myself for getting them done. Self, if you are pissy about things taking longer than budgeted, you are allowed to award yourself extra points based on time actually spent. But that means tracking time and focusing on a task for at least 15 minutes at a time instead of alternating between editing and playing with dragons or reading your friends list or whatever. Which you hate doing. So I'm betting you will score whatever points I allotted and be grateful. Suck it up, buttercup. I'll try to be generous.

1/31/2014: Recap time!

What was I going to do this month, again? *looks it up*


General Fitness:
Download an app for tracking diet & exercise: Done.

Keep track of what I eat and how much I exercise from 1/6 to 1/31: Done

Keep track of weight in January. Done

Get Copy/Paste Working on My Smartphone: Done.

Read a book: Read something I haven't read before: Done

Keep track of creative stuff: Done, albeit more in approximation than precisely. I scored over 100 points a day somehow this month, despite feeling like I was getting nothing done. I'm not sure how that works. I did spend a lot of time drawing in the first two weeks.

I Are Not a Professional
Figure out some metric for tracking editing progress: Done, although I don't have a lot of confidence in it. I broke it into a bunch of chunks and assigned points for each chunk.
Start Editing A Rational Arrangement: Started.
Try to get some sense of how long editing is going to take: Tried. My guesstimate is 130 hours. I hope that's wrong, because I usually only spend a few hours a week writing and I'd like this to take less than six months.

Write at least 14 blog posts: Done. As of this entry. This may be the reason I've posted three entries today. c_c
Fiction (do whatever you want): Done. I worked some on an outline for a new romance, but mostly I poked at RA and was lazy.

Other Creative Stuff
Do whatever you feel like: Done. I did some drawings while koogrr was visiting, and some dragon-hatchling sketches inspired by the game terrana plans to run. Mostly was lazy here too.

Figure out new goals by sometime in the first week of February: I got another seven days on this, so I'll get back to me about this one.
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