Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

May! New month! New (old) goals!

I lost the will to track things in the last week or two of March, and decided to take April off from tracking stuff.

I didn't get much done in March, and got about an equal amount of not-much done in April, at a guess. I have made some changes to A Rational Arrangement which may or may not have improved it. I don't really think I'm done fussing with it yet, though I think I may declare victory* on it in June whether I am done with it or not.

* "Declare victory" is an in-joke between telnar and me, and is used in the sense that the USA declares victory when it stops fighting in a war, regardless of how the war is going. "We've won! We can go home now. The South Vietnamese can take it from here."

My only real accomplishment for the last several weeks has been "did not let the new PBEM be stillborn". It has not been crazy-active, but it's had consistent participation from four players, so it's doing reasonably well.

And now it's May! And a new month!

I'm still not going to track diet and exercise precisely. My weight has remained the same for the last three months, so the rewards of tracking have not been perceptible. Still, I'll go back to "try to eat the same portions or less than when I was tracking". I've been exercising the same amount: exercise has become such an ingrained habit that I do it regularly whether I'm paying attention or not. I did pretty well at not overeating for most of April, but I did have too much food when there was free junkfood at work or when I ordered food from a restaurant, so I should get that back under control.

I am going to start working more regularly at editing A Rational Arrangement, and probably resort to tracking how much time I'm putting into it, because tracking anything else has not worked, in terms of 'convincing me I am getting anywhere'. I don't know if tracking time spent will help, but I haven't tried and failed with that yet. So why not?

May goals:

* Every day, note creative stuff that you did that day/day before. This primarily means "track work on RA", but include whatever else qualifies too.
* Do not track diet/exercise, but cut back on all that eating restaurant food and eating junk food because it's free at work.
* Keep the Elect PBEM going.

That sounds like plenty.
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