Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Lazy Saturday

It's Saturday afternoon and I am at Panera, sipping a frozen mocha and eating a cheese danish. I had a leisurely 16-mile ride out, and will probably do another 10 miles getting home.

I think it's pretty funny that I consider 25 miles of biking to be a lazy day. I was going to do more, maybe 30 or 35, but I forgot sunscreen. I stopped at a mall to get my glasses adjusted (yay, snug glasses!) and tried to buy sunscreen, but there did not seem to be any place in the mall that sold it. Anyway, an hour in the sun without sunscreen is usually fine for me, and I take a break halfway through, so I should be okay. But I didn't want to push it.

Also, a 2-3 mile section of the bike trail is still closed. The detour isn't bad -- it's a nice wide asphalt sidewalk -- but it runs alongside a major road and it isn't actually *nice* the way the trail is. I didn't really feel like going along it, so I just turned back.

Yesterday, I mowed the lawn. \o/ My reward for mowing the lawn yesterday was getting to bike 25 miles today instead of having to mow the lawn today. (Yes, I use this as incentive. Amazingly, it works.)

My reward for biking 25 miles today may be getting to do it again tomorrow. Alternatively, I may just stay home and rest tomorrow. And have an actual lazy day.

I am feeling good about May so far: I've done some work on RA each day, and done some other writing, and tracked it, just like I'm supposed to. I've been eating too much, but hey, I can't say I haven't been exercising.

I wrote most of A Rational Arrangement on my phone (this is normal for me), but editing it there is hit-or-miss. I really want multiple files up side-by-side while I'm editing, for various tasks (like comparing my notes on the setting history to what the book contains about it) and that doesn't work on tiny mobile screen. So I need to do editing when I get home.

Also on my to-do list for home:

* Spend some time grinding in the coliseum in Flight Rising before the water festival is over. (I have really neglected the water festival and this is the last day of it.)
* See about getting some more Windies involved in dominance efforts. (I'm going to do a giveaway tied to a survey, and the survey will let people sign up for a dominance pinglist. Everyone who participates in the survey will be entered in the giveaway, so you don't need to be added to the pinglist to be entered. But I'm thinking I may get people who otherwise wouldn't bother with the survey that way.)
* Snuggle with Lut.

For now, I'm gonna post this before I leave Panera, send an email or two, and maybe write a dragon bio. It's a good day.
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