Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Editing Excuses

Mon-Fri, 6:30AM: "Ugh, too tired to think."
Mon-Fri, 7AM: "Gotta leave for work soon, no point in starting now. I can edit on breaks at work."
Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM: "I can't edit on my phone because I can only have one thing open at a time. Also, the phone versions of the apps don't have useful editing tools, like "find" and "spellcheck". I can edit at home. I'll answer PBEM emails instead."
Mon-Fri, 5PM-6:30PM: "I should exercise first. I can edit afterwards."
Mon-Fri, 6:30-7PM: "I need to shower and fix/eat dinner. I can edit afterwards."
Mon-Fri, 7PM-8PM : "I'll just relax for a bit and play FlightRising/read LJ/read Twitter/watch a video with Lut. I can edit afterwards."
Mon-Thurs, 8PM-8:30PM: "Alinsa and Terry will be home soon and I'll want to game with them. No point in starting now."
Mon-Thurs, 8:30PM-bedtime: "I'll game with Terry & Alinsa tonight. I can edit tomorrow morning."
Fri, 8PM-bedtime: "I have a whole weekend ahead of me! I want to relax tonight and watch a movie with Lut or play video games or whatever. I can edit tomorrow or Sunday."
Sat morning: "It's a beautiful day! I'll go for a nice long bike ride. I can edit on my phone at Panera halfway through."
Sat at Panera: "Oh wait, editing on my phone still sucks. I'll edit when I get home."
Sat evening: "I'll watch a movie with Lut first. I can edit afterwards."
Sat night: "Too tired to edit now."
Sun morning: "I can edit later today, I'll do laundry and some webbrowsing first."
Sun afternoon: "I'll answer these PBEM emails I neglected yesterday. I can edit afterwards."
Sun afternoon: "I should do yardwork before it gets dark. I can edit afterwards."
Sun evening: "I'll watch a movie with Lut first. I can edit afterwards."
Sun night: "It's so late there's no point in starting now. But I'll at least look at the scene I was working on ... "
Sun night: "This scene is terrible. Why am I even trying to add this? The book is too long anyway. I'm going to bed. I'll work on this next week."


I think my character sheet looks like this:

Writing: 4
Editing: -2
Rationalization: Eleventy-jillion
Tags: writing about writing

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