Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

August Vacation

I took a trip in August and another in September, both of which deserve more of a write up than I have felt inclined to write. So I'm going to do a crappy brief write up of them instead.


August 9-12: This trip to Seattle was so I could attend shaterri and quarrel's wedding on Sunday the 11th. I was really excited to go to this wedding, because Shaterri & Quarrel are great people and also because it was my first chance to attend a gay wedding. \o/

I flew in on Saturday and spent some time alone with terrycloth in the morning. koogrr was also in the area for the wedding, so we got together with him in the afternoon and evening, and had a fun time shopping for last-minute items for the wedding (Koogrr had gotten a gift but needed to wrap it; I picked up an Amazon gift card and a wedding card to put it in, on which I wrote "This is what you get when your wedding registry has 5 items on it.") We had dinner at a random restaurant near John's hotel. We'd contemplated playing games in the evening, but ended up talking and cuddling instead. I spent the night at John's hotel so we could go to the wedding together.

The wedding ceremony was wonderful. It was held outside, at a park on the sound. Quarrel and Shaterri stood at opposite ends of a patch of lawn, and told the course of their relationship, taking turns as they related parts over the last twenty years or so. They said they were going to put the text online, but I don't know where it is if they have. One part near the end made me smile -- I don't recall the exact words, but it was something like this:

Shaterri: "In January 2013, we decided we should get married."
Jeff: "In January 2014, we decided we should get married ... this year."


Ursula Husted had also flown in for the ceremony, and commented afterwards, "Now I understand why they were so nervous! That wasn't just 'I do', it was a whole performance!" It was magnificent, possibly even outdoing my sister-in-law's wedding ceremony on a clipper with "O Fortuna" from the Carmina Burana as the wedding march. :)

The reception was an hour and a half after the wedding, so that their volunteers would have time to break down the wedding site. Since most of us didn't have anywhere in particular to go before the reception, most of the attendees ended up staying at the wedding site and helping dismantle and move out all the furnishings.

John and I gave Ursula and egypturnash a ride to the reception, which was also lovely. There were games on every table, and some people played them -- Ursula Husted's table had a cute rabbit-themed game that I would've liked to try, but didn't. The venue was a gorgeous old building with quirky furnishings, like a rearing stuffed lion. Urban Light Studios was taking photos in the basement, with an array of goofy props. John and I went down there a few different times, partly to get photos taken and partly because it was the venue didn't have AC and it was much cooler in the basement. (And a rare hot day in Seattle.) John picked up digital copies of a bunch of the photos and I put a few of them on my Flikr site.

John wore a dark suit with a blue shirt to the wedding, colors themed after Luna's from "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic". When I showed him and Terry the dress I planned to wear, Terry said, "She's the mane!" The colors worked surprisingly well, purely by coincidence, so we had a few pictures taken to emphasize that point:

Two of the props on hand were a big picture frame and a giant flyswatter, and John was inspired to have us reenact American Gothic:

Peggy and Ursula snuck out during the reception to decorate the wedding couple's car with cartoon animals. It was magnificent. John and I waited until the reception was over before we left, and then we volunteered to help the grooms carry stuff back to the car just so we could see their reaction to it. :D I got a bunch of photos, but they didn't come out that well and I have already used up my energy for getting photos into sharable format, so y'all are out of luck. Well, here, I'll link to the tweet of the one picture I sent at the time.

John had to leave early Monday morning, so Terry picked me up from the hotel after we got back. I had a lovely relaxing Monday with Terry, spent playing games and eating too much delicious Indian food. <3 Then I had to go home on Tuesday. This trip was Way Too Short.


So that's the short version of the August trip. I'll write a short version of the September trip in a different post, since even my "short" is kinda long.

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