Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

2015 Goals

I'm going to make this very simple! I have one goal for the year.

Write a post each month on what I did in the prior month.

I've had this as a goal in most years, and I don't think I've ever actually done it for every month. This year, I have a secret weapon! Not only is this my only goal (so it should be easy to remember!) but I put a reminder on my Google calender to do it. I will even make up a form to fill out! I will make it so easy for myself!

And then we'll see if I still flub it by June.

These are the default topics. I am allowed to leave one off if including it and saying "I didn't do any of this" is too depressing for me. And I can add other topics if I feel like it.

The Business of Writing

"The business of writing" includes things like editing, posting a public serial, publishing, getting a website, etc. "Gaming" is mostly intended for me to talk about roleplay, but I might talk about other games. "Socializing" is mostly for "seeing people other than Lut in person in a social setting". I don't socialize every month.

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