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2015 Goal: January

It's February! That means I have not yet forgotten my goal for the year, which is to post monthly updates about whatever it is I've done.

My diet is as bad as ever. Weight is approximately the same, maybe up a pound. I've been exercising less than I do during the summer; probably averaged to "half an hour of biking every other day" for the month. Although in practice, it was "most of the last two weeks and very little for the first 2.5 weeks" of the month, because the weather was nice enough to bike outside for a little while.

I successfully completed a "write a page a day" challenge for January, solely by counting absolutely anything I wrote. Mostly PBEM posts, Flight Rising dragon bios, and blog entries. Plus some notes on setting/character/plot for original stories, and a very little actual fiction. Like maybe two pages.

The Business of Writing
Nothing here. But since I made no significant progress on writing new fiction in January, I did decide to start Round Two of editing A Rational Arrangement in February. Maybe I'll even finish it this time! A girl can dream. -_-


Nope, nothing here.

I did actually get out for board gaming twice in January, when I rented a car three weekends ago. The Elect PBEM is still going, though I have been sluggish about replying and need to catch up.

"Gaming" covers about all the socializing I did this month, too. Mmm, the hermit life.

I was pretty depressed for a couple of weeks in January; the weird thing about this bout was that it took me ten or twelve days to notice. "Hey, I'm depressed!! That's why I'm snappish and mopey and irritable and don't want to do anything at all." I started to feel better after that realization, which is not any less weird. Been doing well for the last week or so, so hopefully it's passed.
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