Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

_Flight of Magpies_, and _Jackdaw_, by K.J. Charles

I have done a lot of reading this week! Two quick reviews, because the two after this are Not Quick:

Flight of Magpies, by K.J. Charles: The third book in "A Charm of Magpies". My favorite of the three novels in the series. It resolves well a lot of the outstanding issues from earlier books, and while the climax was a little overwrought, it hung together well. I'll give this one an 8.5.

Jackdaw, by K.J. Charles: from the same setting as "A Charm of Magpies", Jackdaw guest-stars some of the characters from it, but it's about a new couple. Where the Magpies books made the gay romance a subplot while the primary plot to each was a mystery, Jackdaw is pretty much all romance, with some action-oriented escapades for spice.

I loved this book and had a wonderful time with it. I usually find single-POV romances dissatisfying, but this one works well. In part because the other protagonist wears his heart so plainly on his sleeve that you don't need to be in his head to know what he's feeling.

The climactic scenes (there are several significant turning points) were all beautifully set up and brilliantly resolved. Often it felt like the characters were hopeless: how could this possibly come out well? But they do it, and it makes sense, and it's delightful. There are some hard scenes to read, including an angry-sex scene early on, but it's well worth the trouble. There are some long idylls in between the solving of serious problems, which I particularly enjoyed: it gave the characters a chance to relax and be happy without leaving the reader feeling like the story has stopped moving forward, or that all the conflicts are over. This gets a solid 9.
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