Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

2015 Goal: February


I am up a couple of pounds from January. I am at the stage where I need to diet in order to stay the same weight. Maybe I will try that this month. Does anyone know a good app for diet/exercise tracking?

Exercise in February was maybe a smidge more frequent than January, so still pretty bad.


None to speak of in February. Some book reviews and a few dragon bio updates.

The Business of Writing

I am about 25% through my (hopefully final) pass on editing A Rational Arrangement. Slow progress is still progress. (Man, I need to pick up the pace on this, though. I do not want to still be at the editing thing in June. I'm gonna try to get through a minimum of 15 pages per day in March: that'll see me finished with it by the end of the month.)


I actually did some of this in February! Some pencil sketches (posted to my Twitter), some life drawing from the session at Conflation last weekend, and colored one of the pictures from haikujaguar's Not in Need of Quests.


I didn't do any gaming in person this month. I have also stalled out on posting to the Elect PBEM, though I don't think my neglect has killed it yet. I really need to get back to it before that is no longer true.


I did some of this too: Corwyn and I went to Conflation last weekend, and to his birthday party yesterday (which had 17 adults in attendance and was actually smaller than he'd anticipated, due to snow.) Melody and Andi drove in from Springfield to attend, which is a 2.5 hour drive that took 5 hours due to weather. Yikes! I met Melody last Contraception, in an amusing way. Contra has a "virgin raffle", where people buy tickets and "win" first time attendees: the basic concept is "raise money for the con and act as a way to introduce newcomers to old-timers so they don't feel lost and alone. I'd bought a bunch of tickets by way of supporting the con. When Melody came up for auction, I stood up and called out to Corwyn: "I need to win this one. We have matching corsets!" And we did: hers was an underbust corset and mine was an overbust, and the patterns weren't identical, but they were similar and the colors were exactly the same. And then they drew her lot and I actually did win her. Hee! She was also amused by the matching corsets, and we hung out for a while and chatted while at the con. It was neat to see her as well as all the long-time friends again.


This month was kind of up and down. Better than January, I think, but still struggling. Last nine days or so have been pretty good, although this weekend I've felt exhausted. Which is probably a mood thing. -_-
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