Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The Plague

Woke up this morning. Felt better, in the sense of "not as sick as I have been" but not in the sense of "completely healthy". Took my temperature: 97.7. My temperature when healthy runs a little low (98, I think), so that seemed normal. I got up and packed my lunch, just like I expected to go to work. Including tea. Because I am still not healthy enough for Diet Coke.

(I miss Diet Coke more than I can readily describe.)

I croaked at Lut to ask him to help me find the medicine I got on Tuesday, when I went to the urgent care clinic. He found it, cleverly hidden in the first place I looked (this has been happening to me a lot lately). I took the Dayquil clone.

An hour later, I dressed for work. Lut asked, "So you're going to work and give the gift that keeps on giving?"

"I don't have a fever. I shouldn't be contagious."

As I prepared to walk out the door, I thought, Why am I sweating?


I took my temperature again. 99.6.


Wow, this thing has really lingered. -_- So staying home sick again. At least I definitely don't have to call in sick for the next two days.
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