Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

All about my day


Today hasn't gone particularly well so far. I'm glad I get to go home soon. Hopefully, writing'll go better tonight. I'm almost tempted to start something while I'm at work, but it's hard for me to focus on anything coherent in fifteen minutes. Even a coherent journal entry is too much to ask for on my lunch break.

My lunch is very late today, but I don't mind that so much -- that much less of the day left to go when it's over. The late lunch is because a customer called in wanting to wire out some money. He was wiring it from a checking account. I work in the loan department. Technically, wiring money from a checking account isn't part of my job. Alas, I know how to do it, so I told him I would. I cling to my ignorance about the document processing software because I am sure that if I knew how I'd be processing new loans and renewals, too. My ignorance is my shield.

But not on wires. Rats. Having agreed to send this wire, I next had to wait an extra twenty minutes while he dug around to find out who he was wiring it to. (He didn't have the account holder's name. I'm used to people not knowing the account number or the bank routing number, or even the bank -- but he didn't know the NAME of the man he was sending it to? Now that's odd.) While I was waiting for him to call back, Angela called to ask me to make a customer's payment from his checking account, so I did.that. Then she called back a few minutes later to ask that I reverse it, because he'd just come into the bank. Then she called back a minute after that to say, "No, don't reverse it, he's walking out again and he hasn't made it to the teller line." Then she called back a fourth time to say that he came back in the bank and was making the payment after all.


Some days, it just isn't efficient to be prompt.

That wasn't actually the highlight of the day. The highlight was trying to track down a the funding check for a loan that had disbursed in 1999, and paid off in 2001. Our former customer needed a copy of it today for a new loan closing tomorrow, so he could prove that he'd paid off whatever bank we were paying off when we made this 1999 loan.

This should have been doable. Really. I mean, the loan file is long gone, but we have pretty good electronic records on the pre-merger Infant Bank stuff (not on the Baby Bank loans, though) and I should have been able to figure out where this money went. I spent probably an hour attacking the problem from every angle I could think of. I'm still irked that I couldn't find it.

I'm a little anxious about some other work-related stuff. Next week will be another big gearing-up for those month-end reports I'm supposed to take over doing. I'll do more of them this month. I found out my boss's time table for me taking over this job entirely is more aggressive than I'd realized. Whoops.
But I'm refusing to take any of this personally. I was in a good mood when I got here and I'm not letting a mere thing like work get me down. So there! Whatcha gonna do, Toddler, fire me? Ha! I didn't think so.

I'd better get back to work.

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