Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Cliff Notes for skipping the sex scenes in A Rational Arrangement

There aren't a lot of sex scenes in the book, relative to its length, but what sex scenes I did write generally establish some points about the characters and the nature of their relationship. For readers who want to skip them, the relevant points are behind the cut-tag in this entry. This bit is cut-tagged because it's implied rather than spelled out in the erotica scenes, and some readers may prefer figuring it out on their own. :)

1) Nik and Justin basically do not talk about them having sex, ever, including while they're having it.

2) Justin loves Nik. He doesn't say this either.

3) Justin is reasonably good at reading Nik's moods in absence of speech. The converse is less true.

4) They are generally equal partners in bed, but Justin is the more assertive of the two, and on some occasions plays at dominating Nik, with Nik's implicit consent. (This detail comes up in tomorrow's entry, but I figure I may as well throw it in now.)
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