Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Whee! I am Trusted!

I ran the first sessions of the new "Trust Me" campaign last night. Well; I shouldn't say I ran. I "ring mastered", for the most part, while my crew of able assistants did most of the writing. (I think it was level_head, or maybe strangess, who advised me not to underestimate the work of a ring master -- believe me, I don't!) Four separate sessions. I marvel that Greywolf used to run four separate sessions by himself, on occasion. I was hard pressed just to keep up with what was being written by the others, never mind contribute my share of writing!

So it went a little slow, while my assistants or players waited on me for answers to questions as they arose, and at one point I had to stop two logs entirely for a few minutes, while I sorted out what was happening.

Having Lut sitting next to me and playing was an interesting experience. He got a little short-changed in one sense, because I could look over and see that he was entertaining himself between poses, and therefore I was less concerned about ensuring that his log kept moving along. On the other hand, he could ask me questions and I could draw out maps or use gestures to illustrate responses, instead of having to write everything out. I even shoveled off the writing of GMly information onto him, in some cases. ("When you pose doing "X", just include that you get "Y" result, too.")

I hope to structure things better for the next session -- arm my assistants with more information, and put more characters together into one log. On the other hand, it'll be a pretty crowded log if everyone involved got into just one room. Whee! Well, I'll see how it goes.

One of the things that's most interesting for me is the huge heap of secrecy over everything. I don't want to put ANY details into this entry, for example, because the players really know very little about what's going on -- not even, necessarily, which characters are PCs and which are NPCs, and what people are behind which personas. I expect that some, if not all, of them, are able to make good guesses on these counts. (I should ask players to email me with who they think is whom, just for fun).

One good last-minute idea I had was purely about the mechanics -- I set aside a character, located in a quiet room, just to field questions. The idea being, if I saw that window go active, I could zap right to it, address the question, and then go back to what I was doing. It's all too easy to get caught up in a long response, miss what's going on in another window, and thus take several minutes to get back to someone who just needed to hear "Yes" or "No" to a short question.

I used the question-fielder a little too much for random chit-chat; for maximum effectiveness, that character should only be answering need-to-know-for-log-to-continue questions. I'm wondering if I should even have the "Ok, will do" responses to my answers routed to another character. I'll refine it further as time goes on.

Anyway, while it was more stressful than I'd've liked, and I'm afraid I slowed things up more than necessary, it was still quite a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the next session. I woke up at 4:00AM thinking about preparations I want to make first. Good thing I'm on vacation from Prophecy! :)
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