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The Three Jaguars, by MCA Hogarth

haikujaguar's The Three Jaguars is now out in print! It's a comic collection about the intersection of art, marketing, and business, personified as three separate individuals who sometimes complement one another, and sometimes conflict.

It is delightful. Witty, sensible, beautifully illustrated, and entertaining even as it educates. It is not a how-to book. It is much, much better than any how-to book. I have been following Micah's work online for many years, and The Three Jaguars -- in the combined essay and webcomic forms -- is my favorite of all her works. No one writes about business like Micah does, with laugh-out-loud punchlines, adorable illustrations, fantastic expressions, and an abundance of both wisdom and sympathy. The beauty of this book is that you will pick up knowledge without even realizing you're learning. Not just the explicit lessons on business and creativity, but the craftsmanship on display: the amazing expressiveness of the characters, the composition of scenes, the dialogue and plot choices, the gorgeous inking -- there's SO MUCH to enjoy. And learn from!

And unlike all those tedious how-to books, you will actually WANT to read this one. Because it's FUN!

I love The Three Jaguars enough that I took the time to illustrate my testimonial:
The Three Rowyns: a fan testimonial for The Three Jaguars

Full disclosure: much of what I learned from The Three Jaguars was from the beautiful essays Micah published online, and which have not yet been collected in book form. But the webcomics are also great! And also you should BUY THIS BOOK because hopefully Micah will see how much demand there is for MOAR JAGUARS and then will publish the essay collection too.

A very solid 9!  Go get it!
(Okay, so this is less a review than a whole-hearted fangirl endorsement. You get the idea.)
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