Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Oh, and Another Thing

This morning, shortly after I got in, I received a phone call from a woman. "Hello, is this [my RL name]? I'm calling about [man's name]."

I stare into space for a moment, thinking, [Man's name]? Who is that?

"He put you down as a reference?"

I'm still thinking. [man's name]? Sounds vaguely familiar ... I knew someone with that first name in college. What was his last name ...? Suddenly, *click*. "Oh! Yes! Yes, I know him. Ah ... he usually goes by Jordan." I'm sorry, Greywolf! It was early.

Anyway, after that somewhat rocky start, I proceeded to gush over jordangreywolf for ten minutes or so. I've never given anyone a reference before, so I was sort of scrambling for what to say and how to prove it. I'm not sure I sounded entirely credible. ("And then, he walks on water!") Funny thing is, I meant every word of it. I mean, if there's one person in this world that I could say "Hire him! You won't regret it!" about, it's gotta be Greywolf. I wound up pointing her to and (I hope that's ok, wuf!) by way of showing how much creative work he's done just for his hobbies. And in all that, I totally forgot to mention all the editing work he's done on my novel, too. :(

After various questions, she said, "Well, I guess there's not much more I could ask -- you've been a perfect reference" so I can't have done too bad a job of it. I think she may have been calling from his current employers, because when I was gushing about how creative he was, she said "Yes, we're discovering that".

Sort of a neat experience. I hope whoever it was hires you and pays you lots of money, Greywolf. :D
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