Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

September in Review

I ate too much this week, and didn't exercise enough. Baked-goods-for-charity-donations at the bank = EAT ALL THE JUNK FOOD for me. It's for a good cause so it doesn't have calories, right? I'm up a couple of pounds. I should crack down on this now before all the holiday eating starts in earnest. Eek.

I've written another 10,000 words or so of "A Regular Hero" for my Paradise collection, which as of now has the working title of Further Arrangements. So that's coming along. I had hoped to have it finished by now but let's just say that if I'm surprised, I shouldn't be. I think there's only another 2000 words or so to finish it, however.

The Business of Writing
Once I finish "A Regular Hero", I get to decide if I want another story in Further Arrangements or if two novellas and a novelette would suffice. I have a weird desire to include a short story just so I'll have a story eligible in every awards category. I don't remotely expect to be nominated for any regardless (and I'm not positive I'll publish Further Arrangements this year anyway), but the idea of being eligible amuses me.

I need to do a post for my third month of self-publishing. I got up to 982 sales through 9/28! Amazon will no longer give me my entire sales history in a graph! (The graph only goes back 90 days).

I have done a lot of art this month! Almost none of it was useful! Yay! \o/

I got on a kick drawing Frost, a character I don't particularly plan to write about and so he's making me draw him instead? I dunno how that works. Probably I just like drawing him because he has fwooshy hair and clothes. Anyway, I colored three pictures involving him and one of his apprentice, and I've got another picture in progress. And a handful of doodles that didn't work out for one reason or another. I may put together an LJ post of them.

I went to Panera once and drew five pictures there.

And I completed 12 headers for RA, so still keeping that 3-week buffer going. (In other news, I should do some more headers this weekend.)

I went to Renfaire for my birthday and bought some costume pieces I don't need. That was fun.

I know I should get out more but honestly I am just so happy to get home on Friday night and be all "YAY I DON'T HAVE TO GO ANYWHERE I CAN DRAW AND WRITE FOR 48 SOLID HOURS IF I WANT."

Much happier this month! See, self, admitting you're depressed DOES help. Also, RA's sales slowed down even more this month, so that wasn't the root cause. I bet drawing more helped, though. It feels more productive than playing games, even when I'm just doodling random ideas.
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