Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

October in Review

Uhh. I went to a health clinic and got a flu shot? I ate way too much junk food during work bake sales. BAKE SALES MY NEMESIS YOU WIN AGAIN omnomnomom.

Barely. I don't think I wrote a thousand words of fiction in the whole month.

The Business of Writing
Nominally, I am editing. This has not been a complete failure, but it's going badly. At least I figured out the ending I want for "His Angel". So that's something.

At last! An area where I didn't fail. I finished 22 RA headers in October, or 7 weeks and 1 day.

I did thirteen color pictures and one pencil sketch in October, too. I pretty much drew pictures because I couldn't muster the mental energy/willpower for editing.

Just the usual: computer board games on weekday evenings with Alinsa and Terrycloth. I am still playing some ARK with Lut, but the shiny has worn off on that.

I don't think I got out to see people at all in October. Oops.

I was reasonably content during the month, even if my lack of progress on editing stories annoys me.
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