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I did go outside. I even put on my rollerblades inline skates and went over to the parking lot next to the playground and the tennis and basketball courts, and went skating. The parking lot isn't quite flat; it slopes in a gentle, lopsided V towards the entrance. But it's a slight enough slope that I don't have any trouble going up or down it.

I practiced the closest thing to an inline skating trick that I know, assuming you don't count "standing without falling over" and "moving forward", which might look like a good trick to someone who's never put on inline skates and doesn't know how easy they are to manuever in.

Skating is one of those things that I do without really knowing what I'm doing, like making a pattern or sewing. I have no instruction, no friends who told me how it's done, haven't bothered to read up on the subject: basically, I just do whatever I can figure out on my own. I still don't know how that whole skating backwards thing is done. It seems like I ought to be able to reverse the "moving forward" motions and thereby "move backwards" but I've never been able to make that work.

My one "trick" isn't visually impressive: it's just putting one skate directly before the other and continuing to move. And not falling over. I can turn like this: if I put my left leg back, I tend to lean to the left and thereby curve left. I think that good skaters can actually maintain most of their momentum through these sorts of manuevers, but I don't know how. Me, I'm going solely on whatever momentum I had before I moved my feet into a line, and I bleed off that momentum pretty fast. I can go straight like this, too, but I can't do it for very long. I suppose I could do it for a while going downslope, but I don't like building speed by going downhill -- no control.

Anyway, this seemed like a useful thing to practice, since it's neither so easy that it's trivial, like going forward or doing a normal turn is (a regular turn is really easy. Move forward. Shift all your weight to one leg. You are now turning in that direction. Ta-da!), nor so difficult that I'm likely to plunge head first onto the pavement at any moment. Seeing as I've misplaced the one piece of safety gear I own (I know, bad Rowan, no biscuit), I don't want to do anything very hazardous. Like zooming along as fast as I can. Especially not into traffic. I tend to keep to modest speeds, and I avoid slopes of any appreciable grade if I'm on a sidewalk, because there's not enough room for me to do my usual long back-and-forth turns to keep my speed down.

Given these constraints, I'm more or less confinesd to skating in small parking lots near the apartment. Maybe if I buy a full array of safety gear I'll get to feeling bolder, but until then, practicing figure 8s seemed like a good option. So I did that until I warmed up and got thirsty, then I went back inside. It's very humid outside, despite not being terribly warm.

Now, I think I'll go lie down and read for a bit.
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