Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Call for Beta Readers!

I've finished my initial edits on two novellas in the same setting as A Rational Arrangement:

"His Angel": a prequel about how Justin and Nikola first became lovers. (20,000 words)
"Inconceivable": Sequel to A Rational Arrangement, about Wisteria trying to get pregnant. (17,500 words)

I am looking for beta-readers for these! I primarily want people to look for:

  • Spelling/grammar/editing artifact errors

  • Continuity errors

  • Overused words

  • Confusing text: (eg, if you find yourself confused about what's going on, or what this word the characters keep using means in the context of the story, or things of that nature)

With "His Angel", I have a few additional things I want beta readers to look at, which I'll go over with the specific volunteers once I've got some.

"Inconceivable" is best read if you've already finished A Rational Arrangement.

If you'd like to beta read either or both, please leave a comment with your email address and which one(s) you want to read, and I'll pick a handful of people for each story. Comments are screened so your email address will not be made public. I'd prefer to have feedback within 30 days.

Thank you!

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