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November in Review

It's too dark after work for me to go for bike rides, which torpedoes my enthusiasm for exercise. Still, I managed to exercise 15 times this month, mostly on my exercise bike in the basement. Could be worse.

I ate lots of unhealthy food, though. Mmm, Thanksgiving.

I wrote probably five thousand words in November, in the process of editing "His Angel" and "Inconceivable. New scenes and expanded scenes.

The Business of Writing
I finished initial edits on "His Angel" and "Inconceivable", sent them to beta readers. Then made more changes to both in response to initial comments, and sent them to a new batch of beta readers. I should proofread them some more, but they're basically done.

I am pretty happy with the third novella, "A Regular Hero", but am holding onto it to make some final adjustments. I have promised myself I will look for beta readers for it by the end of next week, though.

I did a mere 13 headers in November: I finally stopped feeling more like drawing than editing, and devoted most of the month to the latter instead.

I did eight other drawings, mostly from Twitter prompts.

My November goal, in lieu of Nanowrimo, was "spend 60 hours on art/editing/exercise". My reward for making this goal was that on Monday, I officially resurrected the 2012 +terrible butterflies+ game. Amazingly, all my players who'd lasted until it fizzled had previously expressed interest in bringing it back. I offered to resurrect the 2014-2015 "Elect" game first, but two of the players from that were uninterested to lukewarm, so butterflies it is.

I spent Monday-Wednesday re-reading the archives, and was astonished by how engaging I found it. I'd thought I'd get bored (it's probably over 500,000 words!) but nope. The more I read, the more I wanted to read! I'm not even going to regret spending the time to read it if the re-launch fizzles, because I had a blast going through it and it was worth the time for its own sake.

Anyway, I'm excited to start playing that again. We haven't done much IC yet, as everyone is getting back up to speed first.

I went to Contraception the first weekend of November, and to Seattle for the second weekend. (Much too short a trip! I didn't see anyone but Terry because I was only there for two days.)

So real live socialization happened this month! \o/ It already feels like forever ago, but I'm still grateful for my weekends at home, resting.

It was a good month. I felt productive and generally not stressed, although the back-to-back weekends away from home were a bit much. I am happy.
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