Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Call for Beta Readers for "A Regular Hero"

Edit: I've got enough readers for my initial pass, thanks! If I need a second pass, I'll add more people, so feel free to leave your address if you like.

I've finished "A Regular Hero", the last novella of the I've been writing in the setting of A Rational Arrangement! Now I need some people to read it for me.

"A Regular Hero" is the romance between Anthser and Callista of Southing (who was briefly Justin's bowracing greatcat, in RA). There are no descriptions of sex in it. So if you like RA but have found yourself thinking "this would be better with fewer humans and/or less sex", this may be the story for you!

I primarily want people to look for:

  • Spelling/grammar/editing artifact errors

  • Continuity errors

  • Overused words

  • Confusing text: (eg, if you find yourself confused about what's going on, or what this word the characters keep using means in the context of the story, or things of that nature)

  • Under- or over-explanations: this takes place at the same time as A Rational Arrangement, and some of the same events are covered from different perspectives. I need to know if the narrative is reasonably clear, or if it seems too repetitive of RA, or doesn't repeat enough.

If you'd like to beta read it, please leave a comment with your email address. It'll be an invitation to comment on a Google document, so please-provide your Google-enabled account if you have one.

I'll pick a handful of people for beta readers. Comments are screened* so your email address will not be made public. I'd prefer to have feedback within 30 days.

Thank you!

* No, really, I turned screening on this time. Before I posted and everything.
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