Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

December 2015 in Review

The first three weeks were normal winter exercise levels: exercise bike for about 30 minutes per day during the week. The last two weeks I pretty much didn't exercise. I did some housecleaning instead during the week before Christmas.

Started work on a new scene for "Inconceivable", because I want the story to have more Wisteria.

The Business of Writing
Other than the new scene mentioned above, I have finished edits on the novellas for Further Arrangements. I hope to finish the new scene today and send it off to alinsa for typesetting this weekend. Then it's just the OH LORD HOW CAN THERE BE SO MANY THINGS LEFT TO DO I ALREADY FINISHED THE WRITING stage of publishing!

Not much art this month! Two color sketches, colored one page from MCA Hogarth's Critter's Beasts, and Fluffies, and did a few very layouts for the cover of Further Arrangements.

I did ZERO headers for RA in December. My buffer for headers is down to two weeks and one day. I am going to have to do some in January or start using repeats that will be strangely incongruous.

If I ever use headers for a serial again, I am going to make them ABSTRACT. And repeat them. A lot.

The +Terrible Butterflies+ game lives! It's been slow the last couple of weeks due to the holidays, but I expect it'll pick up a bit in January.

Alinsa visited from December 26-29! We went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert on the the 26th, and ate at the Melting Pot on the 27th, and stayed in and watched Honest Trailers on the 28th. It was a good visit. Come back soon, Alinsa! Like in March. March is good.

I am content. It's been a good month.
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