Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Weekly Update: final one for January!


* Sent the cover of Further Arrangements to alinsa to do the typography.
* Wrote the dedication & acknowledgements for FA
* Updated my author bio
* Made some interior illustrations for the FA title page and for each of the novellas, based on grayscale variants of the cover image. For everyone who thought that picking the triangular-sections cover meant you'd escape the twee image of greatcats making a heartshape: that image now appears on the back cover, spine, and title page. MWAHAHAHA.
* Drew five pictures from Twitter prompts, all of them on the theme of "what would your artist/marketer/business manager look like?", a la haikujaguar's "The Three Jaguars". The prompts for this one were great.
* Sketched some hands in an effort to get less awful at drawing hands.
* Wrote 2 scenes of Birthright
* Refined estimate on number of scenes in Birthright.

I didn't do much writing this week, and realized on Saturday that part of this was because (a) I didn't want to count just words as "progress", and (b) my next bullet point on the outline was going to take a lot of scenes.

So instead of pretending I thought each bullet point would take four scenes, which was clearly absurd, I figured out how many scenes each completed bullet point had taken (0 to 15, with the mode being 2 and the average 4.75). Then estimated how many scenes each of the remaining bullet points will take. This will make reporting my "remaining scenes" count much more fun.

The total based on my first set of estimates was far too low, so I doubled most of them.

I really want to finish a lot more scenes-per-month that I have thus far in January, though. My current rate is just two per week. But in February I won't have all the work for FA hanging over me, so perhaps I can get up to three per week then. I'd like to finish this draft before the end of the year. And pretend it's not going to take me another year to revise it and its prequel.

On the other hand, I want to note that I completed all of my January goals by 1/23/16, went back and added some more goals, and completed those too. BOO-YEAH.

So not feeling like a slacker, here.
Tags: nyr, nyr 2016, writing about writing

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