Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Weekly Update

My February goals don't list weekly updates, but since I remember and this week is quick:

* Finished 8 headers for RA this weekend
* Posted a review of C.S. Pacat's Kings Rising
* Did a little writing on Birthright (not enough to actually finish a scene, though)

My big goal for February is "finish the remaining headers for RA", which was only 17 at the start of the month. On Saturday, I started doing some late at night, thinking "It's the first weekend of the month. There's no rush." And then I remembered that I'm going to Conflation on the last weekend in February. And I'll be renting a car on the second-to-last weekend and will not want to spend it at home doing headers. That leaves ... two weekends. Including this one. Er. Guess I better get on that, then.

Anyway, I can do a bunch more this coming weekend and/or a few on weekdays, so shouldn't be too hard. It'll be nice to finally be done with these. I like having the illustrations for each post, and I've a little anecdotal evidence that they have driven some traffic to the serial, so I'm not sorry I did them. But they do take a lot of time. If I ever do another serial, I'm gonna make a batch of generic illustrations to rotate through instead. This time FOR SURE. c_c
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