Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Weekly Update

* I made a webpage for (it's not yet available because my web host, alinsa, has to install it at the domain.) I am probably not going to make much fuss about the webpage when it's live because the content on it is all stuff that people who follow me on social media already know. It is targetted at people who found my books on Amazon or via a friend's recommendation and then want to know more. It is unexciting but adequate to the task of "here's what I've written, here's where to buy it, and here's where to find me online."
* I drew four little marker-colored pictures from prompts, and four digital pencil sketches on the theme of "monster girls and pretty boys" after seeing someone on twitter complain about the proliferation of "monster with pretty girl" pictures. I want to color one of the digital sketches but don't know if I'll get around to it.
* A tiny bit of writing, but no scenes finished.
* Reviewed Some Things Transcend

I appear to have caught some kind of earache/sore throat bug. I came to work today anyway, but it's harder than usual to stay awake. If it persists, I may skip going to Conflation next weekend. :|

My brain doesn't want to think about writing in any kind of coherent fashion, which explains all the drawings. Maybe I will work on an illustration of something I'm actually writing next.  RADICAL.
Tags: nyr, nyr 2016
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