Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Dragon vs Depression, Round Two

Me: "Muse ... it's 4AM. Why am I awake?"
Muse: *shrugs* "I dunno."
Me: "I finished The Moon Etherium yesterday. Let me sleep."
Depression: "It needs so much editing and you will never be able to fix everything that's wrong with it and it's terrible and why did you waste 200 hours of your life writing it and you are terrible."
Me: "Seriously?"
Depression: "And everything is terrible."
Me: "I'm going to lie here in the dark until you go away."
Depression: "Did I mention Donald Trump might be elected president?"
Depression: "Mwahahah! Nothing quiet about that!"
Me: "DANGIT." *lies quietly*
Depression: *yammers about how terrible everything is until I finally fall back to sleep.*


Me *asks Twitter* "So ... this 'depressed because I finished writing a book thing', how long does it last?"
Jeffe Kennedy and haikujaguar, in chorus: "Until you start the next one."
Me: "WHAT."
Depression: *cackles evilly*
Me: "Okay. NO."
Depression: "What do you mean 'no'?"
Me: "I mean I've never been depressed about finishing a book before and I'm not starting now."
Depression: "Yes you are.  You started yesterday. Right after you finished it."
Me: "FINE. Then I am STOPPING now. It's been, what, 16 hours?  That's long enough to mope. I wrote a book. I am going to be glad about that."
Depression: "You can't just will depression away!"
Me: "OH YEAH? Just WATCH ME, you hormone-faced neurological waste product. It's time to DRAGON UP."
Depression: "You can't angry your way into a good mood! Brains do not work that way!"
Me: "THEY DO NOW." *breathes fire all over Depression*
Depression: *incinerates to ash pile*
Me: "I'm gonna make some celebratory brownies and play some games and maybe make some editing notes and BE HAPPY.  What've you got to say about THAT, Depression?"
Depression: *smolders gently*
Tags: diary, dragon up, life
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