Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

May in Review

Apparently I forgot to get to this at the begining of the month. Oops. Let's see if I remember anything I did!

I finished writing The Moon Etherium! So that was cool.

I made some notes for a sequel, The Sun Etherium.

The Business of Writing
I started work on the cover for The Moon Etherium. I made a couple of versions that I kind of hate. I will see if I can hire a real artist to do the cover for this one. WISH ME LUCK.

I finished first-round edits on The Moon Etherium and sent it off to beta readers.

Did a few color doodles of characters from The Moon Etherium and a couple of random sketches, plus the aforementioned work on cover art.

I went to Seattle and visited terrycloth! It was a good low-key visit.  <3

May was mixed. To be honest, I've been kind of depressed ever since I finished writing The Moon Etherium. Every now and then I pull myself out of the funk for a little while, but I keep slipping back into it.
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