Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The Moon Etherium Cover & Poll Part 2

Sunday's poll was overwhelmingly in favor of the silhouette-style cover, on both LJ and Twitter. I got some good suggestions on the theme of "make it more fantasy"*, however, so I poked at a couple of new versions. Which means it's time for POLL PART 2.

I will probably tweak whichever one I go with.

I am doing both best/worst questions because I can easily see a three-way tie for "which do you find most compelling" and still have a clear "this one is least compelling".

Moon Etherium Cover Art Comparison

Lettering is still a placeholder! Final layout will be different.
Poll #2054202 Cover Art Deathmatch!

Which of these would you be MOST likely to click on?

1 (Figures-only) is the strongest
2 (Bird above) is the strongest
3 (Bird in the moon) is the strongest

Which of these would you be LEAST likely to click on?

1 (Figures-only) is the weakest
2 (Bird above) is the weakest
3 (Bird in the moon) is the weakest

* Special thanks to terrycloth and archangelbeth for suggestions!
Tags: art talk, cover art, the moon etherium

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