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November in Review

I am finally over the doom-cough that I picked up in mid-October. \o/ And Thanksgiving leftovers are largely gone. I will resume calorie-tracking on Monday. I expect it'll be a mess through December because Christmas, but that's okay.

I've been using the exercise bike pretty regularly since Daylight Savings Time ended. Usually only for 30 minutes, instead of the hour I do on my bike, but still something.

Oh, so much writing.
50,800 words on The Sun Etherium, to win Nanowrimo.
19,600 words on a new novel, working title of Fellwater. I started it for fun and am not invested in finishing it.
14,000 words or so of LJ entries and notes for Fellwater. has proven a huge success as a motivational tool so far. I started Fellwater largely because 4thewords had a bunch of time-locked Nano events that I wanted to complete.

It is, perhaps, too effective, because I really need to start editing books and I still want to write instead. Because 4thewords doesn't have any way to give credit for editing.

The Business of Writing
Nothing on this front in November.

I ... don't think I did any drawing in November. There was a lot of writing.

I went to Contra KC! For all three days, even! I think I wrote about that earlier in the month.

I started a new game called 4thewords which is basically just "write stuff" but somehow my brain is now convinced this is a real game.  O.o

Overall, a pretty good month. There were some hard days, but mostly I enjoyed diving head-first into all that writing.

Goals for coming month
* Do a few Moon Etherium illustrations
* Begin serializing The Moon Etherium on December 5.
* Make significant progress on editing one of my unedited books.

I'm not setting a writing goal myself, but I know that I want to play more 4thewords, and maintain my streak in it. Just maintaining the streak is 13,764 words for the month (444 per day). Most of the good monsters are 1000+ words. So I'm guessing I will write more than 15k this month. These words won't all be fiction. I'm happy to count LJ posts and even forum posts or emails, if they're of significant length.
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