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December in Review


I got sick again on the Monday before Christmas, and then Christmas happened, and my diet has been kind of a wreck since then. I figure to get back on track in January.


Poking at 4thewords, it looks like I'm at 58,400 for the month. The breakdown on that is something like:

33,500: Fellwater
16,000: Editing notes for The Warlock, the Hare and the Dragon
1,000: new scenes for WHD
4,300: Flight Rising dragon bios
1,600: forum posts & misc.

It looks like a lot more than it is, because it mostly wasn't new fiction, and what was new fiction, Fellwater*, is super-easy to write. continues to be a great motivational tool for me for writing, and a game I enjoy playing despite the fact that it's basically just "write and then write some more, just like you usually complain about doing".

On the other hand, I do let a lot of kinds of writing count for 4thewords that I don't normally count: forum posts, long emails, LJ posts, FR fanfic, etc. So it encourages me to do writing that I regard as less like work.

On balance, this is a good use of my "gaming" time. It is not such a good use of my "work on writing career" time. I think it did eat into time that I might have otherwise used to edit.

I am very tempted to count words that I cut from my manuscript as "words written" for 4thewords, because cutting words is just as hard as writing them, for me. But I haven't gone that far yet.

* Fellwater is mostly kink erotica, which is one of the reasons I am not invested in finishing it. I intend no slight against erotica writers here: I don't read published erotica and know very little about it. This is another reason not to publish: I don't know the genre! When I'm writing it, I find it easy to generate huge numbers of words, and I feel like this manuscript is absurdly long-winded. I find it hard to imagine that it would engage readers, and it's off-brand for the kinds of things I prefer to write in general. Some of my friends are curious to read it, so if I finish it I will let them do so and then decide if I want to go to the bother of publishing it under a different pseudonym.

The Business of Writing

I launched the serial for The Moon Etherium.
I began revising WHD, mostly by writing huge quantities of notes. I'm about 17% through my first revision pass based on those notes. It is going slowly. I find it very hard to make any headway during the week, and almost all my progress is made on the weekends. Nonetheless, it is going.


I did eight headers for TME, and I think that was about it.

I will discuss goals in my 2016-wrap-up post.
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