Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Month of Letters

Lyn reminded me the Month of Letters, where participants send a letter every day the post runs in February, is a thing. I don't know if I'll make a point to send a letter every day in February. But if you ask for a letter, I'll send you one! And I will write back anyone who writes me*.

* Barring unexpected inundation. Last time I did this I only had a few requests, though, so I doubt that'll be a problem.

If you'd like a letter, leave a comment (comments are screened) with your address, or send it through my inbox on DW/LJ, or email (my gmail addy is ladyrowyn) or whatever.

You may also specify if you'd like an in-character letter from one of my characters (and which one! Yes, Anthser will write letters. Greatcats have clawtip pens for that.)

Oh, and Lyn, Cal and Rion and I are talking about doing the letter game, where you write in-character letters to each other and theoretically develop some kind of plot. If you want to do one of those, I'm happy to do so. If you want my address, email me. :)
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