Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Writing exercise #5: Imagine that

More or less, anyway. I did no. 4 on paper and I'm not sufficiently enthusiastic about it to type it in. If I wanted to type in notes, I'd finish up my notes from my vacation.

This exercise is "write from your imagination". I'm not quite doing it properly, because I didn't feel like doing it when I read it and have spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to write, which probably isn't quite in the spirit of "write anything, anything at all, as long as it's creative". Oh well.

Four people were in the board room, which looked and felt and even smelled of corporate opulence. Cushioned leather chairs ranged around a heavy maple table inlaid with polished marble that matched the marble tile of the floor. A giant presentation screen occupied one wall, and a conference phone, complete with video displays, sat at the center of the table. Two more people were visible on the video displays. But the most out-of-place item in the room was what looked like a closet-sized gunsafe. It was not the sort of vault one usually considered "portable", but in this case, the object rested on a wheeled trestle and was, apparently, mobile.

One of the people in the room was a salesman. The navy suit and tie gave him away. He was a young man, the youngest person in the room, and his short, light brown hair was parted on the side. The other three people were dressed in business casual: slacks and polo shirts for the two men, one grey-haired, portly, and sixtyish, the other slim, forty-something, with dark hair. The last was a middle-aged woman with short brown hair and a stylish pantsuit. She watched the salesman closely.

He'd brought his own laptop, and was tapping something into it. "Great," he said, after a moment. "We're all set to go. What do you want to send?"

"What I want is to know how it works, Mr. Graham," the woman said.

"No problem, Ms. Finch." Graham flashed her a smile, showing off his even white teeth. "It's quite simple." He stood and went to the big safe.

Whoops, out of lunch break. Have to write the rest later. If I feel like it.

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