Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Fantasy/Romance Poll RPG

A few notes about the polling questions!

Some of these answers beg for more questions (what kind of nonbinary? Why are you unaging? What specific things do you make?) I might do a follow-up poll with more customization, or I might just pick some extra traits. If you want to leave a comment suggesting a particular flavor of one answer (I'm unaging because I'm a vampire), feel free! I might pick one of them, or use it in the next polls (if there are any).

The genre of this RPG will be "fantasy romance", because it's my journal and that's what I like. The focus will be on "find your romantic happily-ever-after". The "conflict" question is not "make this not be a romance" but "is the protag doing anything else while falling in love?" This is not "Author vs Readers, you must be Clever to Win". I would say "it'll be more like a dating sim", but I've never played a dating sim. So. It'll be like how I imagine a dating sim to be: lots of choices between options that are mostly good.

Also, I decided to call this a Poll RPG because "Choose Your Own Adventure" is (a) trademarked and (b) CYOA is an abbreviation used in business with totally different connotations and (c) it's not like "Choose Your Own Adventure" is the most intuitive phrase imaginable for the category of "pick what the protagonist does next" stories. It's the one we use because that specific brand pioneered the style and put out a bunch of books. It's not like, say, trademarking Space Marines or some other phrase that a dozen other people came up with before them but hadn't thought to trademark.
Tags: gaming, pollrpg

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