Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Poll RPG: More Character Generation!

The winning traits were:

Protagonist: mature lower-class moderate income pansexual enby catperson who makes practical enchantments
Conflict: Mystery
Setting: New
PoV: 3rd person omniscient

"Nonbinary" won by a landslide, and since NB is a vast category, I want to narrow it down a bit. This list of options is not meant to be exhaustive because wow that would be a long list. Also, I'm using some terms that have broader or alternative definitions than my mini-definition. Apologies for that: I wanted shorthand for the Twitter polls and couldn't find ones more precise. o_o;;;

The term "co-lover" is stolen from World Tree, because I wanted to offer a "third reproductive sex" option, not because I'm going to use the specific structure from the Herethroy.

I didn't put in any "mostly male" options because male got 1 vote out of 31 so I figured mostly-male would not be what folks were looking for.

This RPG is not going to contain explicit sex, so I don't care what the character's genitalia looks like. I thought about polling for whether or not the protagonist's gender was stigmatized, or if the society had rigid gender roles, and then decided to just NOPE out of it. The protagonist's culture recognizes and respects their gender, whatever it is, and the culture does not have much in the way of gender roles or stereotypes. I hope y'all are good with that.

"ANBAB" stands for "assigned nonbinary at birth".

Update: I actually hate the word "hermaphrodite" and it turns out actual intersex humans are pretty down on it too. So I am not going to use that term in the game (will come up with something else if it's the preference), and apologize for using it in the poll.

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